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The Harwich main channel, the access channel to Felixstowe berths, has been given permission to be dredged to a new minimum depth;

Harwich Haven Authority receives ‘green light’ for major harbour improvement project - Harwich Haven Authority

The C/E, photographed, is Neil Glendinning, who ex Manchester Liners.

In the photo at the bottom of the statement, Trinity 8+9, the new berths mostly used by 400m ships, are furthest distance, closest to the sea; the berth nearest the camera is Trinity 7. and the berth numbers decrease towards the sea. #7 and #6 were the original 400m berths, and can still be used for this type of ship.

Underneath the camera position is the former HMS GANGES training establishment.

On the right centre is Harwich Navyard, and HHA's own workboat berths and yacht pontoons.

Martyn (ex HHA, now retired).
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