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Havila Kystruten has revealed more details on its upcoming set of four newbuilds for service on the Norwegian coast.

The ships, which will be built at two different yards for delivery in late 2020, will get a complete hybrid propulsion system including the battery pack (Energy Storage System), which has a capacity per vessel of 6,100 kilowatts per hour, the company said, more than double that of the biggest battery-operated ferries. The delivery also contains a shorepower system to keep the batteries charged.

Havila said with this solution, its ships should be able to dock and undock emission-free and sail emission-free on certain routes, such as in the World Heritage fjords. The system is also adapted to the next generation of technology, using hydrogen and fuel cells.

The system contains a hybrid gas-electric propulsion system with battery, where four gas-powered engines in each vessel run the generators. Together, these will have a performance of 7,760 kilowatts.

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