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Built in 1956 by George Brown & Co (Marine) Ltd, Greenock. Bought as a harbour tug by ICI (Nobel Explosives) for use in Irvine Harbour and at their Ardeer site. Garnock was the last operational tug to be used in Irvine harbour, but was badly damaged when she was carrying out one of her other duties - dumping explosives in the Firth of Clyde in 1984. Part of her explosive load caught and detonated under her rudder after dumping, severely damaging her aft end and propeller. ICI decided that the vessel was beyond economic repair and after essential work she was donated to the Scottish Maritime Museum where she now forms a static, floating display.

Dimensions: 78ft 5ins length, breadth 21ft 11ins, draught 8ft 2ins.

Construction: Steel, part welded and part riveted. Her hull and fittings are mainly original but in fair to poor condition. She has her original Lister Blackstone Engine.


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