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I can assure you will, one of the other vessels there is the "Krait", you may have heard of her...she was used for the two Commando raids carried out on Singapore Harbour in WW2. One very successful, one not so successful. Check your local library if you want to do a bit of pre reading..few books about the raids.."Operation Jaywick" is one that I can remember. She was originally built in Japan in the years after the 1st World War, used as a fishing vessel, coastal trader etc and ended up in the Islands north of Oz before WW2. She was appropriated and someone finally put it togethat and decided she was emminently suitable for a raid. She is still in good nick but I believe that they have now replaced the original engine following some major problems. If you are lucky you might even see her under weigh!!.
Yes, Doug, the ANMM in Sydney is well worth a visit. Spent the better part of a day there last year and, despite carrying my young baby son around in one of those harnesses for most of the time there (he slept for hours), I really enjoyed it.

One thing that stuck me (literally) is how little headroom there was in some quarters in HMAS Vampire. I'm 6' 4'' and couldn't stand straight a lot of the time. Don't know how some sailors managed running to action stations without banging their heads into something. I remember thinking the same thing in the HMAS Diamantina (River Class) in Brisbane.

Didn't see the Krait at the ANMM but came across it later searching the NAA website. They have do***ents about Jaywick and a bunch of other SOE operations available through RecordSearch. All top secret, hush hush at the time, of course, but open to the public now. Interesting reading. To find the SOE files that are viewable, enter [email protected] into Keywords and A3269 (the series number) into Reference numbers. That brings up about 170 files.

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