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The disposition of the six RAN Oberons is as follows:
Orion—paid off in WA 9.9.1996 Don't know final fate
Otama—paid off in WA 15.12.2000. Towed to Hastings near Flinders Naval Depot in Victoria in April 2002 for display. I believe that funding issues have prevented this from being given proper effect.
Oxley—paid off in WA 13.2.1992. BU locally at Jervoise Bay from 9.3.1992, completed 12.10.1992
Otway—paid off at Sydney 17.2.1994. BU in Sydney 1996, conning tower placed as an exhibit beside Hume Highway at Holbrook NSW (about 400 miles from the sea!) on 27.10.1995. Holbrook was originally called Germantown and was changed for obvious reasons in WW1 in honour of a RN submarine captain who won the VC at the Dardanelles—hence the sub connection.
Ovens—paid off in WA 1.12.1995. Towed to Fremantle 17.11.1998 for preservation at WA Maritime Museum.
Onslow—paid off at Sydney 29.3.1999. Transferred to Australian National Maritime Museum at Sydney 15.4.1999 and opened to public from 1.6.1999
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