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Author Ken Otter, Published by Pen & Sword Maritime.
This book came about due to the author wanting to find out more about the fate of His father, Fred Otter-Chief Yeoman of Signals RN and that of his ship, the large light cruiser HMS Gloucester of the Southanmpton class.

The book is filled with letters, comments and stories of a crew who's pride in their ship stands out, it covers her happy first cruise in peacetime, her peparations for war and the tragedy of her sinking.
The author answers the questions on why such a valuable ship with a crew of 808 men was detached from the protection of the rest of the fleet when she was down to her last few rounds of AA amunition.
The final chapters tell the story of her sinking, the rescue od her survivors by German personnel, the help given to them by the brave people of Greece, their privations as prisoners of war and the return of just 83 of that gallant crew at the end of the war.

If Fred Otter could read this book he would be proud of what his son has achieved - as would any of the 'Gloucesters'.
A book well worth reading
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