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Ah , what memories indeed.

The walnut is well remembered, also the Grand hotel which was nearest to Margam
and once you had crossed the railway lines served as a first stop and then the
last stop at the end of the evening.
There was also the "Lamb and flag"commonly known as the lamb and tit and a couple
of dubious watering holes on the way down to the "beach".

Remember all the laybys just inside the locks which after the neaps used to be well occupied.

Still got some photos of Santa Portalbot in the hey days which I can post if
anyone interested. (Don't all rush to your keyboards).


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2,859 Posts again,

How could you miss Kirkeness. Don't you remember our 4th trip on the Crinan ?.
Still got photos of you with the whole crowd on the poop , in fact have lots of
them - on our very first ship.

The "sadistic" instructor.......... I got to know quite well afterwards. Maybe he
mellowed with age !!!!!.

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