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Crinan, Naess Trader, Sir Andrew Duncan, Ormsary in the 60's!! Happy memories of a memorable era.

Port Talbot - Red House!
Seven Islands - Who could forget Sept Iles?
Workington - Lovely memories - Cannot remeber the favourite drinking den!
Alicante - before the arrival of toursists, when a 'Cubalibre' cost pennies!!
Etc, etc.

John Cassells, I remember very well aand have fond memories of the old cacet vessel 'Crinan' - Well mostly fond, with the exception of one sadistic Instructor who will remain nameless!!

First Trip Cadets

Hamish Mackay
Syd Catto
Derek Wickins
John Jackson
Sam Brown
John Cassels
Frank Brown
Gavin Brownlie
John Gatherer
Stewart Cameron
Rodney Holroyd
Hamish MacKay

How am I doing? I have missed one!! Does anyone know what happened to my old pal Syd Catto


Roddy MacSween
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