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Peasholme Park {Scarborough Mere??} used too in the summer re enacted the battle of the river plate, and they, the model ships each had a body/person within, as they acted out the scenario in the late 50,s early 60's quite a production, if one witnessed like me on my annual hols to Scarborough.
Somewhat off topic sorry but I spent a week there for 10 consecutive years, it was literally my parents annual family holiday in a small B&B just down the road from Peasholme Park( it was the only week they had off work / year)
The re-enactment was a special night out for us as kids but expensive for my Dad, family of 6 for the entry was a florin, ( two-shilling piece)

Ref the Tugs,
I was in digs from 1963 to 66 down Constable Street while at BNS. My landladies husband, a former trawler-man, worked on the tugs but we rarely saw him as much of his time was spent in the pub down West Dock Ave, didn't see much of her either as there was a Bingo Hall on Hessel Rd that accounted for most of her day.

Want true nostalgic memories of the Fish Dk then have a peep here :) .

Click on "Watch on YouTube" to see the video

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