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Google in its infinate wisdom has changed my username from Sternchallis to as seen left.
<<Can anybody recognise that name used.

Hopefully Verticalscope can sort it for me.
Darn black magic, give me a diesel any day or a boiler to survey.

Yes I remember those tugs ( tractors I think they were called), and now you named them it all comes back. I was at Humber St. Andrews Eng on the lockhead 68-73 before going to sea.
That 5 years repairing both steam and diesel trawlers gave me a good grounding for going to sea and later life, something that is missing these days with any training of youngsters.
After cycling from East Hull about 7 miles crawling round the cramped ER's picking up various odours including fish , often spending several days in the drydock in winter you accepted it. You would arrive home in the evening cold sometimes a bit wet, tired and stinking to high heaven. But that was the job.
I could just imagine the snowflakes today doing that ( well only for a day, then chucking it).
Sadly all thats gone.
I also remember the Battle of the River Plate at Peasholm Park. I would have been under 10 at the time ( did not understand the story at the time and we probably arrived late as usual) , family weeks holiday in a Guest House up Valley Road, BB&D. Then there was the Black & White Minstrals Show at the theatre, always a good night. Imagine it now, they would have to change the name to Gays & Straights now.
Yes Rusty Trawler the Hispaniola comes to mind, having seen it. I think I saw something similar at Whitby but that could have been Cook's ship, more of a mock up for the kids (to extract money from parents) rather than an exact replica. The Cook Museum is interesting and they have a miniature brewery behind the Abbey, worth picking up a mixed case of their wares if you are there. Santa's Tackle being a Christmas beer.
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