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dsweyers said:
Is it possible to look up ships that were built during the 19th century to
find out details of past owners and whether they still exist?

One of my fore-bears was a sailor (and subsequently ship-owner), and I have
his detailed journal dating from between 1815 and 1848 where he mentions all
the ships he worked on as well as prices paid for various loads and salaries
for the sailors he employed. (As well as encounters with pirates and even
the Spanish Inquisition!)

It's all very exciting reading his amazing copper-plate style of writing -

Just interested in finding out more, really.

and TIA

Hello there,
This is Ian, one of the administrators of the site.
Thanks for your query. It is very early days right now as we have only just launched the site.
However, I am wondering if you have searched the web sufficiently. There does seem to be a wealth of historical shipping information available.
I typed in "SHIPS OF THE 19TH CENTURY" and a number of related sites came up. One in particular describes sailing ships built in Whitehaven along with various other ports, along with their owners.
Good luck with your search and thanks for checking in.
Regards from Montreal.
Ian Coombe.
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