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  • 2 Basic Data
  • 3 Career Highlights
  • 4 Pre-War History
  • 5 Participation in WW2 Convoys
  • 6 Sinking
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Court Line used the name Jevington Court for 2 ships:

  1. Jevington Court (1) - a cargo ship launched in 1925 and the subject of this entry
  2. Jevington Court (2) - a cargo ship launched in 1956

Basic Data[edit]
  • Type: Cargo ship
  • Registered owners,managers and operators: The United British Steamship Co. Ltd. - Management Haldin and Philipps London
  • Builders: Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd.
  • Yard: Belfast
  • Country: UK
  • Yard number: 484
  • Registry: N/K
  • Official number: 148639
  • Signal letters: N/K
  • Call sign: GLND
  • Classification society: N/K
  • Gross tonnage: 4,544
  • Net tonnage: 2,746
  • Deadweight: N/K
  • Length: 397 ft
  • Breadth: 53.2 ft
  • Depth: 24.5 Ft
  • Draught: N/K
  • Engines: Triple expansion steam engine 26", 42", 70" diameter x 48" stoke
  • Engine builders: Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd.
  • Works: Belfast
  • Country: UK
  • Power: N/k
  • Propulsion: Single screw
  • Speed:??
  • Boilers: N/K
  • Cargo capacity:N/K
  • Crew: N/K
  • Employment: General purpose cargo vessel

Career Highlights[edit]
  • 9 Jun 1925: Launched
  • July 1925: Completed
  • 1936: Owners restyled Court Line Ltd. (same managers)
  • 24 Feb 1940: Struck a mine and sunk

Pre-War History[edit]

No information currently available.

Participation in WW2 Convoys[edit]

The data in the following table has been extracted from External Resource #3 which indicates that Jevington Court 2 participated in 4 convoys.

A key to the routes for these convoys can be found on this page: World War 2 Convoy Names

List of Convoys

Convoy No.RouteConvoy No.Route
SL/MKS.13Dec 1939: Freetown - LiverpoolFS.90Feb 1940: Tyne - Southend)
FS.95Feb 1940: Tyne - SouthendFS.103Feb 1940: Tyne - Southend


Jevington Court (1) struck a mine and sank 8.25 miles from Cromer Knoll lightship. According to External resource #6 this was while she was in convoy FS103.

On the 24th, steamer JEVINGTON COURT (4544grt) from convoy FS.103, 8¼ miles 161° from Cromer Knoll Light Vessel in 53‑08N, 01‑22E. The entire crew was saved by minesweeper DUNOON.

There is a short reference to the sinking of Jevington Court (2) in External resource #5:

I joined the s/s Jevington Court in Leith, and sailed to South Shields in to a dry dock, at this time a lot of collier ships were getting sunk, we pulled out of dry dock with no Degousan gear fitted this was to stop magnetic mines, Load a cargo of coal for Parliament House on the 27th of February 1940 we struck a mine near Outer Douson Light Ship started to sink and in the lifeboat I managed to save the galley boy and a deck boy, the lifeboat was swamped with water and it was freezing cold, which was a black ice , we were the last lifeboat to be picked up, we were rescued by H.M.S.Dunoon and taken into Grimsby and into Hospital, I still suffer with Permicious Anaemia and White Finger.

External resources[edit]
  1. Information extracted from Lloyds Registers by John Powell
  2. Norman Middlemiss: Travel of the Tramps - Twenty Tramp Fleets ISBN: 1871128021
  3. Miramar Ships Index:
  4. Arnold Hague Convoy Database:
  5. WW2 People's War: WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC. The archive can be found at [1] The contributor identified themselves by the name dotiedot.


Image 1: Photo from the SN Galleries provided by scorcher

  1. Basic research and construction of entry by Benjidog
  2. History and basic details by John Powell
  3. Callsign and engine cylinder details from SN member Ruud
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