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Irish duo all at sea after missing ferry

TWO Irishmen stole a fishing boat from a Welsh harbour to return to Dublin
after missing their ferry home but got lost and sailed round in circles for
hours before being rescued.
Dubliners Stephen Brennan (19) and John Mahoney (20) took the 30ft trawler,

Le Bonheur, from Holyhead and headed in to the Irish Sea at around 8pm on
They were seen by two anglers and the boat's owner was alerted.
The men steered at full throttle, believing that they would soon be home,
but by 10pm they realised that they were totally lost and put out a Mayday
The boat was located during a search by an RAF Sea King helicopter, a
Holyhead lifeboat and a coastguard cliff rescue team.
They thought they were speaking to coastguards in Ireland," said Ray
Steadman, of the Holyhead lifeboat. "They were very surprised when they
realised they were talking to Holyhead."
The men were arrested for "taking a conveyance" and released with a caution.
They were then rearrested on suspicion of criminal damage after Paul Jones,
the owner of the boat, complained about the engine.

Note:Next time they will wait for the next ferry, that's for sure.
Morons!!!!! and what a "bill" will come out? :D
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