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Hi all, I am posting this photo of the engineers of the Bennachie taken on the 4th July 1960 at Keppel Dockyard Singapore. The ship had had a fire which almost gutted the engine room this was 2nd July 1960, which resulted in a temporary abandon ship for almost 7 hours, that’s why our boiler suits were not in pristine condition 😂
I trust some of you will recognise some of the faces and names.
Left to right on the photo
Jack Adams 2nd EL Buckie, Ian Tait 2nd Eng Leith, George Meldrum 1st El Aberdeen, Ian Craig 5th Eng Rosyth, Ian Gillies 7th Eng Brechin, Bert Ford 4th Eng Hull, Ian Forbes 6th Eng Edinburgh.
Dave Spence 3rd Eng Edinburgh, photo taken by Derek Hume 1st mate
Captain was Jim Rodgers and Chief Engineer was Johnnie Walker.
Jack Adams 😃


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