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flyer682 said:
Built 1957 by Henry Robb Ltd., Leith.
2,007grt. 267' 7" x 42' 0" x 15' 11".
KONINI and her sister ship KAIMAI had short lives with the Union Company, as they were dispalced by roll/on-roll/off ships.
Sold in 1971 to Guan Guan Shipping of Singapore and renamed KING TOWER.
After 14 years service with this Company, she was broken up in Singapore in 1985.
Photo shows her at Timaru in the 1960s.
Gary you have mentioned a Noddy Osbourne was this George Osbourne from Llyttleton if it was. My parents billeted him through the wharfies strike around 1954 I think, He was then a Bucko, George was a friend of the family for many years after this.
Around 1964 was the last time that we seen Gearge He was then the Bosun on the "Waitemata". I was nominated by George and sailed on the "Kawora" "John Wilson" "Kowhai" "Waitmate" My cream ship if there was a cream ship would have to have been the "John Wilson " Home port Auckland 1 trip a week to Portland. Always home for weekend What more does a guy want. As I was too old to go to sea as a deck boy. at 18 I had to be the youngest Peggy on the Coast.

As with a lot of us Got Married, Sea was not our agenda. So took a job ashore Great to hear the storys you guys. I used to always follow the shipping movements with grat interest. It was a sad day that I found the Union Company was no longer. Through the net it has been great to relive some of the past. Thanks for chance regards Campbell "Butch" Morris
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