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I was second mate on the "Konini" c1970 . We traded the coal run between Portland and Wesport, where we had fun navigating the infamous Buller River bar and of course there was always the Pandora Bank, where the "Kaitawa" had foundered not long before that time. We navigated using charts, magnetic compass and a D.F. loop and that was it !! Much different to what I had been used to in the U.K. I remember the business of tying up to the Westport wharf with the anchor cable, which illustrated the power of N.Z's strongest river!! I think Captain Collins was in command.
First Mate was Dave Suckling with whom I became firm friends.
He was also on the "Kowhai" when we traded across to Hobart, Sydney and a wheat port near Adelade. I remember those trans-Tasman crossings in foul weather quite vivedly, wondering if the wheat cargo would shift in a storm !
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