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D/S Kysten Namsos Dampskibsselskap, Namsos 300 gt
Built in Trondheim, Norway 1909.
In coastal passenger/cargo service Trondheim-Namsos. Requisitioned by the Germans in 1940 and 1944.

POST WAR: Laid up for a while after the war, but repaired, modernized, lengthened and reentered service in 1950. Sold to Tvedestrand in 1964 and renamed Askaas. In 1971 she was purchased by the newly formed A/S Jubileumsskipet and fixed up, and is used as a passenger vessel on the south coast of Norway under the name Kysten I, 383 gt. length 140 ft, beam 21 ft.
Could originally take 150 passengers.

Photo taken in 1984 (hi-07-84)


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