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La Argentina

Hello Mickey

La Argentina was a modified RN Arethusa class cruiser, designed from new as a training ship. She was ordered from Vickers, Barrow and entered service on 31.1.39, about a year late because of British re-armament pressure on resources.

Displacement: 6,500 tons (7,500 tons full load)
Dimensions: 510ft bp; 541ft 2in oa x 56ft 6in x 16ft 6in
Machinery: 4 shafts; Parsons geared turbines, 4 Yarrow boilers; 54,000 shp = 30 kts; Oil 1,500 tons
Armour: Deck 2in; sides 3in; CT 3in; turrets 2in
Armament: 9-6in (3x3); 4-4in (4x1); 8-2pdr (8x1); 6-21in torpedo tubes (2x3)
Aircraft: 1 x Walrus & catapult
Complement: 556 + 60 cadets

A handsome ship, she served in the Argentine Navy until 1974.

Fred (Thumb)
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