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The Holland Amerika Lijn (HAL) was founded in 1870 and the first ship was called ss Rotterdam (Rotterdam 1).
They called most of their future ships after a city in The Netherlands, mostly ending in ....dam or .....dijk (dike).

They continiously come back with the same names after their first ship(s) have been sold or went to the breakers.
Although the vessels as such are not called by number, then there have been several Rotterdam's , Statendam's , Volendam's, etc.

To kick off this site, hereby an old one, from an official postcard of the Line: Leerdam 2
built 1921 and sold in 1953 GRT 8815

Carnival Cruises in US have now taken over the operational side of the HAL for all their modern cruiseships.
More news some other time.


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Thirty-two years with HAL, Captain Albert Schoonderbeek is currently Master on the MS Statendam.
Captain Albert writes a daily weblog while eating his breakfast:

while aboard ship.

Currently 10 September 2013; Ketchikan, Alaska on their last 2013 Alaskan cruise, Captain Albert’s current contract ends in December.

Captain Albert also has the following posted:

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Notes for the Reader & My sailing Schedule
Captains from the Past.
HAL History and its ships Past and Present
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