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pressure on freight rates as a glut of tonnage begins floating into service has failed to put the breakes on new building orders.and lines are injecting billions of dollars into new and larger vessles,
many of the june orders are for vessles greater than 8,000 tue and the total price tag is equally impressive at well over u.s.$7.5 billion for that month alone
the biggest orders were reported by hyundai heavy ind. of korea.the worlds biggest yard received orders for 27 container vessles one of which is 10,000teu and nine are 9,700 teu.
and french line cma-cgm is considering ordering vessles of megs status to upgrade it's main east-west trunk routes
a coscon senior executive said in shanghi,the latest buildings are the largest that will be able to transit the panama order for such vessles to be in place by mid-2010 we have to order them now.shipyards in korea and japan are full to capacity for delivery dates of 2008-2009 and even up to 2010
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