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“Besides class surveys, most flag states authorize class societies to carry out statutory surveys relating to safety and environmental equipment and audits of management system required by IMO and ILO regulations,” said Joep Bollerman, global manager, passenger ship support center, Lloyd’s Register.

“Our main focus is to confirm that the vessel and her crew are suitably prepared for emergencies and comply with all applicable class and statutory requirements,” he said, in the 2019 Drydocking and Refurbishment Report by Cruise Industry News.

“Regulations and technologies are always changing, adding some complications, but also opening doors for innovative solutions. Safe return to port, for example, requires more complex technical details to be assessed periodically.”

Bollerman said that class surveys are grouped in different sections within a five-year period. These consist of annual surveys to confirm that basic systems are operational as designed and required.

Special surveys cover machinery and hull, tail shafts and boilers and economizers.

Docking surveys typically take place twice in the five-year period; one of these can be done via underwater examination if the ship’s arrangement allows for this, he said.

“Some machinery surveys can be done with condition monitoring tools. Other solutions to access enclosed spaces or view the underwater parts of the vessel are being tested.

“With new condition monitoring and risk management tools becoming available, these solutions will continue to evolve.”

As for refits to upgrade the hotel side of a ship, Bollerman said: “The society will normally act on the flag state’s behalf to ensure that fire boundaries will remain in line with applicable requirements. This could include the use of materials with the correct fire load qualities and integrity of the boundaries between spaces. Escape routes, fire extinguishing and lifesaving appliance arrangements are also part of this review.”

Looking forward, Bollerman said he expects class societies to continue to fulfill their traditional roles while embracing regulatory and technological changes as accepted within the IACS and IMO.


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