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looking for picture

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good day
i have a guestion,my father was a seaman from 1947 until 1958.
he was on a ship named ADMIRALENGRACHT and some more,but this shipsname is all i have.
does anybody now if there are pictures off this ship,i cant find them.
and i now he was (sailing)at the h.a.l rotterdam,my father died when
i was 7 year old so i have never spoke with him over his work at sea.
i hope there are some pictures of it so i can take a look in his word.
all best r.g and many thanks from peter lucassen
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Hi Peter:
Welcome to the site. Enjoy the information and camaraderie that's found here.

I hope the following is a picture of the ship you're looking for:

Bruce C.
Hi Peter - welcome to SN from the UK. I hope you will find lots of interest here. Certainly a friendly crowd of people.

Here is a URL with access to the basic information about ADMIRALENGRACHT: (1).htm

Gross 499
Net 335
Deadwt 850
Year of Build 1952
Engine Werkspoor diesel, 500 pk
Ship Builder Bodewes Scheepswerven Martenshoek Nederland
Speed 11 mijl
Yard Number -
Dimensions 58.20-8.89- Depht 3.27
Vessel Type Vrachtschip-khv
Call Sign PCDS
Containers -
Flag Ned.
In Service 1952.02.16
Out Service 15-3-1956
op reis van Antwerpen naar Londen tijdens dichte mist voor anker gegaan bij Zeebrugge,
aangevaren door de ss "DEWSBURY" en direct gezonken. Alle bemanningsleden werden gered.
1961 schip gelicht en als schroot afgevoerd.
I presume you are Dutch and will be able to understand the last bit as I don't!

There is also a small picture at this URL.

I am sure that my more learned colleagues in SN will provide additional information shortly!

Best wishes with your search and I am sorry that you were unable to converse with your father due to losing him at such a young age - it must have been a big shock to you at that age.

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thanks guys i am very happy with this picture,i have get more ship names is it possible to look in the gallery with a ship name??
many thanks and best regards

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