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Bienvenido fermacca welcome to SN , enjoy the site and all it has to offer
Paolo toscanelli , 9004 tons built 1948 by Soc;Anon;Ansaldo, Genoa.
485.0 x 62.3 x 23.1. 1x 9 cyl diesel built by Cantriuntiti Dell adriatico Trieste.
DF, ESD, GYc, Codeflags IBZX. Registered Genoa owned by "Italia" Soc;per Azioni di NAv;
Cabo de Hornos information as above 12599 tons built by NY shipbuilding Co in 1921.
518.0 x 72.2 x 41.0. $ steam turbines single reduction to 2 screw shafts ( 2 propellers)
Engines built by Bethlehem Steel, Quincy Mass. Code flags EAAS Registered Seville, Espana Owned by Ybarra & Co. DF, GyC.
Information courtesy LLoyds register.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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