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Ahoy Fermacca and welcome to the site!

M/S "Paolo Toscanelli"
9,004 GRT - single screw, diesel, 15.5 knots.
Built 1949 for Italia di Navigazione (Italian Line) by Ansaldo Yard of Genoa Sestri Ponente for emigrant trade to South America
Transferred to Lloyd Triestino in 1963 and converted into cargo vessel
1973: scrapped at La Spezia.

T/S "Cabo de Hornos"
12,597 GRT - single screw - geared turbine, 15 knots
1921: built as "Empire State" by New York Shipbuildibg Co, Camden NJ for U.S. Shipping Board and allotted to Pacific Mail Steamship Co
1922: renamed "President Wilson"
1925: absorbed by Dollar Line
1938: transferred to America President Line
1940: sold to Berge y Cia and renamed "Maria Pipa"; in the same year resold to Ybarra and renamed "Cabo de Hornos"
1959: scrapped at Aviles.

I join a pic of "Paolo Toscanelli", scanned from the book "Emigrant Ships" by Anthony Cooke, that i warmly suggest to all intrested in the post-war emigrant trade.


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