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Lord Citrine update

Lord Citrine Built 1986 Govan (263) 14201 grt for C.E.G.B Second of three identical sister ships Sold 1999 became Atlantic Lord then Sider Bay then in 2000 Jin Bin currently still believed to be still trading.
Sister ships Sir Charles Parsons 1985 and Lord Hinton 1986 still working supplying coal mainly to Kingsnorth P S in the Medway from Continent
On the breakup of CEGB ships went to Powergen then to Eon
These three ships were the reason for the loss of most of the traditional colliers from the North East coal trade as the original intention was to replace all the smaller vessels this over time was successful although it did become necessary from time to time to charter in vessels usually self dischargers to keep up with demand.
One of the main reasons was the inability of the power stations to maintain an effective discharge rate and clean out.It was not unknown to sail with large R o B,s upto and sometimes over 2000t to save time.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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