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I received the following PM from SN member Gaeleen Morley - can any ex SSA members help her?

Hello Paul,

Came across your profile and wonder if you can assist.Would like to find an old friend who sailed
with Shaw Savill. I knew him from 1959 till approx
1961 when we lost contact.
His name was Neville Jackson and I think he could have been on the "Waiwera " in ? 1959 or 60.calling into New Zealand ports.
He was a deck officer and hailed from Whitby.
I appear to have run a blank and wonder if you can tell me where to try next.
Thanyou for your time.
Best wishes

Gaeleen Morley

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I know the where abouts of Neville . I am a close relative of his and regularly contact him. He would love to hear from any of his old ship mates or friends from New Zealand . so please get in touch.
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