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On the Grimsby "distant water" trawlers the duty free entitlement was 100 cigarettes and no booze. However it was normal to buy a "docking bottle" - usually Rum (possibly Four Bells, I can't remember). If the ship berthed on arrival there was never a problem with customs, you just grabbed your stuff and went home.

However, if the ship missed the tide and anchored in the Humber, the mighty "Brenda Fisher" would appear to take all but non-essential crew ashore. The trouble was she deposited us at the quay in front of the Customs House! It wasn't uncommon for the Customs Officers to come out and tip everyone's bag out and confiscate any contraband. Because of this the docking bottles would be demolished in the half hour that it took to get ashore. What a mess that caused!

John T.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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