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Help I am trying to get a photo of Harrisons Naturalist which I sailed on
1967/1978.Liverpool Maritime Museum only has photos of earlier vessels.
I only collect pictures of ships that I have been on.Terry Adams

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Hello Terry,

Thos. & Jas. Harrison
Naturalist (2) Built 1965, 6,162 tons. 1977 sold to China renamed Yichang.

If no one on here can supply a photo for you then you can buy one on this site

Black & White for a fiver.


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I don't have a photo of her.
However, I did stand by her for 6 weeks whilst she was being built in Gothenburg in 1965.
She was built at Linholmens Yard.
She had a West Indian barbados Crew.
Officers as listed below where on her Maiden Voyage to the West Indies.
Captain Allan Morton. MBE.
Tom Wilson. C/M
Roger "Rag Bag" Smith. 2/M
John Mullen. 3/M.
Frank Stanley Ashley. Chief Steward.
Billy Driscoll. Purser.
Ernie Allan. Chief Engineer.
Neil Dryden. 2nd Engineer.
Billy Hendy. 3rd Engineer.
Bill Lambert. 4th Engineer.
Malcom Brandreth. 5th Engineer.
George Palmer Trenholm. 6th Engineer.
Dave Jones. 1st Electrician.
Davie Shakespeare. 2nd Electrician.
Ken Williams. Radio Officer.
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