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I sailed on Maloja as Lecky for 6 months in 1970/71. Maloja was built for Charter Shipping [P&O] and was scrapped in Taiwan in 1976.

Mantua was not an exact sister as she had an extra deck on the midships house. I was told that this was because she was intended to be a cadet training ship, but I don' t know if this is correct. She was also built for Charter Shipping [P&O] and was scrapped in Pakistan in 1976.

As far as I know they were the only two ships in the fleet that were demise chartered, to Shell, and as a result my wages were paid by Trident as Shell would not pay for a Lecky as Shell ships did not carry any! I think that originally they were built for a 20 year charter which was cut short due to the slump in the mid 70's after the 1973 Arab/Israeli war.

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