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An unusual entry Finn but immigration was pretty casual in those days compared with now.
Couple of tales I can tell,
A Chief freezer jumped off a British ship in the 60's for the love of a Kiwi girl and a couple of years later he had established himself with a Christchurch based freezing company to the extent that he was the project engineer in charge of a major works expansion.
Suddenly the Immigration department laws caught up with him and in spite of the company's endorsements and guarantees he was flown back to the U.K.
Meantime the company had made application to the Department of trade and industry to reimploy the man in order to ensure the expansion , essential to our export earnings, went ahead without delay.
Final outcome was virtually a turn around at Heathrow and a first class trip back to job and family.

In the 50's after completing military service a lad from Cottingham near Hull and a mate decided to ride their AJS motor bikes from home down to NZ via Europe ,Asia , India then ship to Australia for the great circle ride and finally arrival in Auckland .
Their plan was to stay a while then buy a yacht to sail home. Tradgedy struck when the mate was killed while piloting a Tiger Moth aerial top dressing aeroplane which put paid to their plans and Les later courted my sister to become a brother in law.
Time went by , three children and almost forty years and a trip back to the UK was planned. Dicey moments for a while when immigration questioned his earlier arrival as a temporary visitor but his years of credit won through and he was cleared as a permanent citizen .
Nothing as lienient as that these days as we clamp down on all but the essentials.

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