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Yes I must say I enjoyed my times in 'MARAMA', & 'MAHENO' as Apprentice served on both from May 1969 to January 1970 and in 1972 again as Third Mate . For the Xmas , New Year period of 1970 we took over from the 'HAWEA', and did the East Coast service . Master was Ray Stewart & the Mate Roy Gollogilly (who late went to Shipping Corp.) I think Roger Wincer & Billy Goldsbrough were there also. Both these ships could lift you from your bunk a good few inches if they were pitching heavily and were apt to pound heavily if not slowed down .I paid off late January 1970 in Auckland after a month as the solo Apprentice and was sent down to Wellington to join 'WAIKARE' as Uncertified Third Mate - a good crowd there nearly all 'village', lads like myself - Master was Joe Stoddart and Peter Phear Mate, 'Rocky', Lansdown Chief Engineer & Paddy Watson the Second.
Spent 6 months onher and then upgraded to 'KAREPO'.
I wonder if any one remembers when the 'MAHENO', loast I think it was the Port Anchor and all the cable enroute to Sydney from Wellington when the cable compressor failed . ( questions asked and was the anchor buoy attached ) - some hope of finding that !!!

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