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Hi Mike

I just found this website and registered.

I think I was deck cadet when you were 2/O on the Marabank with Dai Davies?.

How's things and what you up to?

Roger Newman
Hello Roger,

Someone else called Mike spotted your post before me. Yes I do have vague memories of you on Marabank despite the ageing grey matter! Steve Hockley was 3/O as well. I also have a sneaking suspicion, although I may be wrong, that we were on a Cora Class together as well - you as 3/O, me as Mate. If I'm mixing you up with someone else - apologies.

When up for 1st Mates I new Dai Davies's son who was at the college too. Sadly he took his own life a few months later which must have been devastating for his folks.

I'm fine if a little older, with all the usual age related problems. I've been retired for 12 years now but Steve and I maintain contact since he lives reasonably near to me. Up until this corona virus took its toll I used to meet up fairly frequently with Steve and also a group of ex colleagues from my job after Bank Line (you can see what if you look at my profile). Regular trips to London to explore the history and architecture used ot feature but not at present.

Let me know how your career went and what you ended up doing.


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Well, I've been quiet about it for a long time. My views on my one and only trip with Bank line are well do***ented on this and other sites, but to recap.
Dartbank: joined Hamburg March 1963. Left Rotterdam August 1964. Food was virtually inedible. OM was Willy Watson (Hope he reads this) Fiddled a fortune from us with the bond and the food. The meat was green when it came aboard. Charged 25 shillings for a case of beer when other companies charged 15. Cigarettes twice what other outfits were charging. (yes I know we shouldn't have smoked!) The second engineer was a drunken bully from Liverpool. The mate was a first timer with Bank line, had been 4th mate on a passenger ship somewhere. Treated the 3 appies and the crew like dirt. The round the world runs were great, in every port the first place we headed for was a restaurant before we hit the bars. Never had fresh salad even in port. No fresh milk. 3 eggs a week. HP sauce on the table on Sundays only. The fact that everyone including the appies apart from Willy vowed never to set foot on a Bank boat again speaks for itself.
At the risk of opening myself up to a string of 'we loved Bank line posts' I can't help but notice that almost all of the posts about the company are from mates and the occasional RO. Can't help but wonder that mates had to make the best of a bad job because of the lack of opportunities ashore and resigned themselves to whatever fate awaited them at the mercy of the Willy Watsons of this world. It has even been commented on the fact that there have been very few posts from engineers and 'leckies. With close on 60 ships, each one carrying 7 seven ginger beers and 2 'leckies plus those on leave at any given time we are looking at several hundred bodies. I know they won't all be regular members of SN, but I wouldn't mind betting that a lot of them visit the site and have a good chuckle at the way Bank line is promoted/described. And I am not afraid of hard work or long trips just in case that is thrown at me again. I await with interest your comments!
I agree with ever thing you say Les sailed on Beaverbank Captain was going to log me for taking cheese and rolls in e/r for the 3rd and myself, not enough time to eat in saloon having to work overtime, chief stopped him.I'm sure the butler and the o/m were in partnership with the bond food was crap . 2"nd was a waste of space tried to be a dictator, got a bit of a shock payoff day Liverpool. I will say no more.Joined Shaw Savill 12 years in Paradise.
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