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One of the late 20's/early30's "Ajax" class designed by Harry Flett, BF's naval architect 1919-61.
I rate this class the best looking cargo ships of their era and a Blue Funnel alltime great. Harry Flett was also responsible for the later "Glenearn" and "Peleus" classes.
On 11th March 1941, returning from Port Pirie to Avonmouth, Memnon was torpedoed by U106, 200 miles off the Cape Verde islands.
Memnon's two lifeboats were adrift for two weeks before reaching safety. The loss of only four crew members points to a feat of superb seamanship.
On a visit some years ago, the Imperial War Museum's MN section, had a graphic record of original photographs of this incident, taken by Peter LeQ Johnstone, Memnon's radio officer.
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