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Today I took delivery of a video in the Great Liners series. This was Vol 9 "Mersey Bound"
I have just sat and watched it and have come away totally chuffed that I bought it.
I realise that it will be like taking coals to Newcastle with you lot as most of you no doubt have seen it but for the sake of those who haven't I will explain a bit about the film.
It is made up of old cine films of the British Merchant Service in its prime (mostly from 1958 to mid 1960s) and includes some footage of Brocklebanks Maskeliya and Mahout (both ships of mine) and features some of the crew and daily life on board and passage up the Hooghley. The footage was taken by Capt. Tony Sprigings and he also is shown. Non of the other officers are named but no doubt recogniseable by some of you Brock's lads. There is also footage of Elder Dempster ships, Harrisons and Blue Funnel lines and fascinating extended footage of Palm Line ships in West Africa and navigating up the various rivers to inland ports.
The general day to day activities shown are absolutely brilliant as they were exactly as what took and what I remember on Brocks.
It goes to show what helps make this site so good, as we all of us, deck, leckie, chippy, sparks or engine crew were doing and experiencing the same thing no matter which line we were serving.
I believe that this video is one of a series, more than 9, and if any members out there have seen others could they please advise me as to recommended volumns, bearing in mind that it is the every-day cargo ship that particularly takes my fancy.
I am just going to take another look at it as I'm currently on a high.
Stuart Smith
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