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a u.s.railwayis linking with a pacific harbor to move freight faster to the midwest
the 7,000ft train that left the port of lazaro cardenas to laredo, texas,carries the high roller hopes of a u.s. railroad and a small mexican harbor to grab a share of the asian cargo boom
untill now,kanas city southern and lazaro cardenas have been relatively minor players in their fields,lazaro cardenas handled fewer cargo containers in all of 2005 than the ports of L.A. and long beach move in one week.
but the port has a naturally deep harbor,direct dockside acces,room to grow and relatively cheap labour.
some experts are predicting that lazaro cardanas could become the overflow optin when the next big congestion crisis hits u.s. or canadian ports or the panama canal.
mexican officals and the missouri based railroad already have gained some heavy-duty allies,including the wolds largest operater of port terminals and the worlds largest shipping line
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