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The Marine Hotel Association (MHA) conference and trade show opened on Sunday evening in Naples, Florida, with the group’s Culinary Showcase, bringing together some of the top chefs and culinary experts from around the industry.

The chefs were on hand at the Naples Grande and prepared their own custom creations for an audience of suppliers, cruise industry executives and other key players in Naples in the showcase event. During the evening, the audience had informal access to the chefs and culinary executives, who will stay for the duration of the MHA event.

The event utilized the hotel’s Sunset Deck under near perfect weather conditions, as well as the Vista Ballroom for overflow attendance, with the event running from 7 to 10 p.m.

The Menu:

Tuna and Sesame Poke, Sweet Soy Glaze
Graeme Cockburn, Corporate Executive Chef
Windstar Cruises

Lavender seared Dayboat Scallops, Sweet Pea Mousseline
Foie Gras Espuma, Bulls blatt Micro Greens
Peter Hofler, Corporate Executive Chef
CMI Leisure Group

Tri-Color Beet Salad on Fresh Goat Cheese Cream
Eric Borale, Culinary Director
The Apollo Group
Wolfgang Maier, Corporate Chef
Regent Seven Seas
Jerome Toumelin, Corporate Chef
Oceania Cruises

Avocado Mousse with Black Bean Sauce, Red Pepper Crackling
Micro Cilantro, Radishes and Freshly Made Tortillas
Michelle Rider, Culinary Trainer
Eric Seabury, Head Chef
Lindblad Expedition Cruises

Coffee & Jerk Dusted Beef Tenderloin, Avocado Puree, Jicama Slaw, Yucca
Enrique R. Villardefrancos, Corporate Executive Chef
MSC Cruises

Q-Texas Smokehouse, Cornbread, BBQ Sauce
Christian Pratsch, Corporate R&D Chef
Norwegian Cruise Line

Chocolate Supreme, Raspberries, Brownie, Yuzu, Astina Cress
Karl Raser, Executive Pastry Chef
The World, Residences at Sea

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