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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone remembers my father, Michael McEvoy born 1931. The range of time I think I am looking between is 1951 to 1960. My father worked on a range of ships including Stanvac India, Stanvac Sumatra, Stanvac Pretoria, Stanvac Japan (I think I have those correct). He was on the Japan 3 days before the explosion and was removed due to a promotion however his mother did not know and thought he was still on the Japan.

In 1951 he was also involved in an incident aboard 'the Manchester' (I'm not sure what company this one was) in which he was removed in terrible conditions to the MS Nelly in a rescue mission as an apprentice/junior? This ended up in the Atlantic Daily paper in which we have a (very old) copy of.

I am trying to get more information and details about his career. If anyone remembers this name we would love to hear from you. My Father now has Alzheimer's, however he remembers these days and the details so well! When we talk about them he lights up!

I will continue looking through all these posts for stories he may know. What a great page!
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