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Hi all

Would like to clarify a few details about the van Ommeren tanker Mijdrecht which had a bit of a disagreement with U70 on convoy OB-293.

Can anybody fill in some of her dimensions etc. I beleive she was sold to Finnish interests in 1950 and renamed Wilma. Does anybody know her new owners?

Thanks in advance



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Ahoy Nigel,
Sorry for this belated answer, but the "footie"[Champions League]stopped me from writing earlier, but here some details of the wanted vessel:

Translation data Dutch-English:
Bouwjaar-Year of Built
Roepletters-Call Sign
L.o.a. x br. x holte-LOA x B x D
Knopen-Speed kn
In this case:
Vessel was honoured with Royal Record by Day's Command 29-03-1949
Launched as MIJDRECHT
This vessel was torpedoed by U70 on March the 7th 1941, when sailed in convoy OB293.The U-boat was hit by the MIJDRECHT crushed and sunk.The vessel still could float by very courageous behaviour from o/a C/Eng. v.d. Wilt,he and together with Bruin and telegraphist [R/O] later on honoured.
The MIJDRECHT could continue her voyage.
In 1951 to Finland as WILMA
In 1958 demollished in Finland[ABO]

Honorary Officer in the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
'The ship was hit by a torpedo in the night of 6/7th March, after picking up the crew of another ship which has been sunk earlier.The ship at once sank 9 feet by the stern, but the engines were undammaged and the master ordered full steam ahead.Then the master saw the periscopes of a submarine two points on the starboard bow ans at once put the helm over, and one minute later rammed the submarine.The submarine came up on the port quarter with its tail about 10 or 15 feet in the air.The master carried on full speed and soon as his gun would bear opened fire and hit the conning tower with his third shot. He then proceeded at full speed back to Glasgow as his ship was badly damaged.
In my opinion:
Capt. was Jan Swart[1946] , the 1st mate was Bruyn, the R/O was van den Berg.
Here the German version of this accident:
Source U-boot archive
Report of the commander Joachim Matz of the U 70 :
On 06.03.1941 I attacked the escort course OB-293 with U 70 and torpedoed at night three ships. In the morning-grey the tanker "Mijdrecht" lay still stopped there, while the escort course had driven on. Because it became bright in the meantime, I went with the boat under water, due to a transmission error however so deeply that I could not see anything in the Sehrohr[periscope]. In the meantime the tanker obviously took up travel, drove over U 70 away and rammed thereby the tower whereby heavy damage was caused. After the tanker us had overflowed, we emerged again, however short time later into a group of antisubmarine chases with the British corvettes "HMS Camelia" and "HMS Arbutus" came, which pursued U 70 under water five hours with depth bombs charges. This led against noon to a heavy water break-down, which entailed an emerging. U 70 reached the water surface. The crew left the boat, which sank briefly fully on it under the artillery fire of the two corvettes. Unfortunately 20 men of the crew drowned, before the "HMS Arbutus" accepted us[25].
Operations information for U-70
20.02.1941 - 07.03.1941
First Sailing - active patrol
U-70 left under the command of Joachim Matz on 20th Feb 1941. The boat was sunk on 7th Mar 1941.
Joachim Matz hit four ships on this patrol, three of these ships were in convoy, all of them from convoy OB-293.
On 26th Feb 1941 he sank the Swedish 820 ton Göteborg.
On 7th Mar 1941 he damaged the British 6,423 ton Delilian, sailing with convoy OB-293.
On 7th Mar 1941 he damaged the British 6,568 ton Athelbeach, a member of convoy OB-293.
On 7th Mar 1941 he damaged the Dutch 7,493 ton Mijdrecht, part of convoy OB-293.

So conclusion: both sides has their different vision on this accident, as always I assume.


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