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Many of us don't have a clue on how 'we' would react if we were on a warship...involved in a major sea battle....and being attack by many enemy planes.... So in many of these articles that I publish on this blog I attempt in my merger manner to put the reader in the thick of the battle...and what the crew was going through.

Well this is what this article is all about....the USS Sims (DD-409) as well as the USS Neosho (AO-23) while being engulfed in the battle at "Coral Sea."

This article is pretty much based on one of the few survivors of the USS Sims. Most if not all the survivors do not agree with the Captains decisions or non appropriate decisions at the time of the attack. By reading about this incident you'll read that the survivors feel is the appropriate evasive moves would have been made with the USS Sims...many fact many, many more of the crew would have survived.

So...this is the story...there are parts that are not real entertaining to read I warn you NOW!!! If you care to give this accounting of this event a go....

Just click: HERE
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