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Scotspark In Napier

Publicity featuring Denholm people often appears in the most unexpected places, sometimes for no other reason than a ship happens to be in a port where the local paper Is always on the lookout for interesting maritime notes.

One such newspaper is the Daily Telegraph which is published in Napier, New Zealand and which in December1979 produced a small feature article about a visit of Scotspark to the port to discharge a record 25,500 tonnes of phosphate from Christmas Island. Captain William McCrae was an interviewee
and recalled in print that his only other visit to Napier had been thirty years previously in 1949 when he was an apprentice on Carronpark, which like Scotspark was Denholm owned. Captain McCrae was quoted as saying that in her day Carronpark was known as the 'queen of the tramps' because it was the first ship sailing out of the UK which provided single cabins for all the crew.

The Daily Telegraph's article also mentioned that in forty years at sea it was a first visit for Chief Engineer Jimmy Meikle, to New Zealand. Perhaps one of the most appealing features of the article however, was the quality of the two photographs published. The one of Scotspark is quite excellent and full of detail, while Captain McCrae and Mr Meikle have quite obviously obeyed the instruction to 'watch the birdie' and have enjoyed doing so. It is a pleasure to include both pictures in Denholm News.

Sincere thanks are due to Mr M. A. Berry, Editor of Napier's Daily Telegraph, for his helpfulness in so willingly providing the photographs for use here, and entirely free at that - a very kind gesture indeed.


Images of Scotspark are in the interesting Ships & Shipping>Bulk Carriers > Nauru Shipping thread (p.2) & Fairfield's thread

One of my night shots of her at discharging Phosphate at Kwinana, Western Australia, Spring 1981 is attached, and here's a link to night time at Nauru Island

She was built Govan (U.C.S.) 1969, was 16,800 GRT and diesel powered by a Kincaid built B&W K74 EF, she became the NAN TA in 1981 and broken up as the NAGTAHAN in 1985.


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