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MSC Cruises has announced that the new retail space aboard the MSC Bellissima will be the largest shopping area in the fleet at over 8,000 square feet.

MSC Cruises Head of Retail Adrian Pittaway said: “The beauty of cruise travel is that guests have time on their hands while the ship is at sea unlike other travel retail touchpoints. We are continuously looking to further enrich the onboard experience so when it comes to retail we want to offer more than just a classic shopping plaza with souvenirs and essentials. We are seeking to take shopping at sea to the next level with an experiential approach and combining shopping with entertainment. We work hand in hand with our partner brands to find ways to tailor their products to the setting of the cruise.”

The promenade is rich with “retail entertainment," the company said, as the MSC Bellissima will be the first ship where the retail team collaborates directly with the entertainment team to determine the best way to involve guests, crafting a party-like atmosphere.

Among the examples is a 60s-themed Flower Glory party, where thanks to external partner Ray Ban, guests will have a chance to shop and party together, win exclusive t-shirts or purchase limited edition sunglasses to complete their look, all while dancing the night away, according to a press release.

The atmosphere of the Galleria will be enhanced with nightly retail events, including competitions, offers, fashion shows and lucky draws, making for a fun, social and interactive shopping experience, complete with exclusive promotions like gifts with purchase and special offers.

Pittaway continued: “With each new ship we look at how to enhance the retail space and as an international company that welcomes more than 170 nationalities onboard, we need to ensure that what we offer can be tailored to the needs of our guests depending on where the ship is positioned.”

With plans for the ship to head to Asia in spring 2020, the retail offering will be tailored to cater specifically to the shopping preferences of Asian guests, MSC said.

The MSC Bellissima’s expanded experiential retail space will feature three additional shops — for a total of 13 — as well as an increased array of 200 major brands including the widest selection of own label logo items on any cruise ship, the company said.

Among the offerings is a new technology shop offering connected products, including wearables and leading tech brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Apple, Samsung and more.

The MSC Bellissima will also be the only ship to feature the Swarvoski Statement Collection.

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