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“We are the gateway to many different destinations,” said Anne-Marie Spinsoi, coordinator of the Corisca Cruise Club.

Two Corsica ports, Bastia and Calvi, host around 20 to 30 ships a year, she said, while smaller ports L'Île-Rousse and Saint Florent see around 10 calls per year.

North Corsica plays host to smaller vessels, targeting the luxury market, Spinsoi said.

Calvi can host large ships, and has seen calls from Marella, Holland America and MSC, but only on occasion.

“Actually, our ports offer both options: the exclusivity of a glamour destination, but also the family tours, eco tours and more, we have different products,” Spinsoi noted

“We definitely cannot host megaships,” she continued. “Calvi, for instance, has a population of 5,000. We also have to keep in mind that we’re on an island, 5,000 passengers means 88 buses! It has to fit with our welcoming capacity. That’s why we target more luxury and small or mid-size ships.”

Despite that, however, the destination has managed up to 4,000 guests on a single day with success.

Twenty-two maiden calls are scheduled for this year.

Bastia is in the Northeast part of the French region, with five different wineries close to the port, and offers a traditional berth.

Saint Florent is located in the south, offering a marina atmosphere to small ships that want to tender.

Another tender port, L’Île Rousse faces the French Riviera, and is the natural gateway to the country, an old city with colorful houses and beach-front property.

Another anchor option is Calvi, with a number of attractions in walking distance.

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