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Dear All,

This oil paining by Merseyside artist J. A. Drinkwater shows the Antenor of 1957 in her brief (1972-3) incarnation as the Ocean Steamship Company's Dymas. Dated 1986, three years after the ship was scrapped (as the Kaiyun), it is a historical depiction, possibly painted to order for a former officer or crew member. Three Rea Towing tugs are assisting. An Ellerman Line ship can be seen in the background, (far right) along with another ocean-going cargo vessel of similar size and age whose funnel markings are unfamiliar to me (centre).

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.ANTENOR (4) “A” class steel motorship - Mk.V. or “D” class.
O.N. 187165. 7,974g. 4,550n. 491' 6" x 62' 4" x 28' 6" oa
6-cyl. 2 S.C.S. A. (750 x 1500mm) B&W type by J. G. Kincaid & Company Ltd., Greenock. 8,000 BHP. 16½ kts.

4.10.1956: Launched by Vickers-Armstrongs (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Newcastle (Yard No. 152), for the China Mutual Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
24.6.1957: Registered at Liverpool.
7.1957: Completed.
12.1970: Transferred to Glen Line Ltd., London, and renamed GLENLOCHY.
6.1972: Reverted to the China Mutual Steam Navigation Company Ltd., and renamed DYMAS because ANTENOR had been allocated to the new bulk carrier.
1973: Sold to the Nan Yang Shipping Company, (Ocean Tramping Company Ltd., managers), Somali Republic, and renamed KAIYUN.
1976: Sold to Highseas Navigation Corporation S. A., (Ocean Tramping Company Ltd., managers), Panama.
1982: Removed from management.
1983: Sold to China National Metals and Minerals Import & Export Corporation, China, for demolition at Huangpu.
24.5.1983: Delivered.
25.9.1983: Work commenced

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Lovely nostalgic painting.. Blue Funnel's name-changing can sometimes be mind-boggling !
Ship in the background almost certainly Palm Line also part of Ocean Fleets
Are you sure about that M.?

Certainly PL, but they (to my knowledge) were not part of Ocean Fleets but part of the Unilever conglomerates

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