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MV Werften announced that today it welcomed 117 new trainees to its staff, including 105 new apprentices and 12 dual-system students, who all began their professional training at the shipbuilding group today.

The trainees were welcomed by the management, work council and their future supervisors at a ceremony in the Wismar shipbuilding hall.

Harry Glawe, the Minster of Economics, Employment and Health for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, was the guest of honor at the ceremony.

“The team of MV Werften keeps growing. It is a very moving moment for me to have the opportunity to welcome so many young and motivated colleagues,” said Peter Fetten, CEO. “The key to our company’s success is a qualified workforce – for first class ships you need first class colleagues. This is why training our own specialized workforce is so important.”

“As highly-qualified skilled workers, these apprentices are the future of our business," added Björn Cleven, HR Director. “That’s why we continually examine which qualifications are important now or will be in the future. We are continually developing our apprentice programs. We offer diverse skills training and, with our trainees, we plan for the long term.”

Thirty-five apprentices and four dual-system students will begin their training at each of the company’s locations.

With 117 maritime trainees in six professions, MV Werften has taken on more young people at the beginning of the current training year than any other company in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, according to a press release.

The majority of the apprentices are learning to be design mechanics (29), followed by production mechanics (20) and industrial mechanics (14). The 12 dual-system mechanical engineering students will complete an apprenticeship as construction mechanics in nine semesters and earn a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.

Last year, 102 young people began apprenticeships with the shipbuilding group, with 34 at each site.

In total, there are currently 222 apprentices and 34 dual-system students in eight professions at MV Werften.

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