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From ABS-CBN Interactive -

A still unidentified ship that anchored near a Marinduque port four days ago is now suspected of having dumped used oil in the waters of the province after "oil sheen" was found floating in the area Sunday morning.

Residents of coastal barangays in Marinduque discovered the "oil sheen," describing it as film-like and glossy.

This prompted provincial authorities led by the Philippine Coast Guard in the region to conduct a cleanup.

Vicente Paragas, regional executive director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, said the said ship sighted 12 miles from Laylay Port in Barangay Boac, Marinduque, may have been the source of the used oil.

"Our initial information is that the ship docked 12 miles from the Laylay Port from September 14 to 16. And then when they left, the oil sheen was already there floating," Paragas said.

Authorities took samples to determine what kind of oil was dumped, suspecting it to be bunker fuel.

"We still could not determine the volume of the oil sheen, but the cleanup has been done," he said.

Paragas said the "oil sheen" affected 12 barangays in the island, including Maligaya and Kawit.

Mayor Meynard Solomon of Boac said he asked the Coast Guard to search for records of the unidentified ship.

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