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Hi Shipmates,
Being an old shipping nostalgic I would like to recommend for your viewing a new DVD i received over the Xmas holidays. I have purchased a number of those video's,every one excellent and brings back memories when I was at sea. This one is called " The End Of The Line" Episode 23 of the Great Liner Series from 'Snowbow Productions."When I say excellent I indeed mean that,and I've watched it a number of times since receiving it, and constantly wonder " What happened?" It gives a good ,but sad,explanation, and contains a good 90 minutes of actual film of most of the ships we remember and the sad events of their passing. This is not a advertisement for Snowbow,but a recommendation from someone who remembers the good old day's of The British Merchant Navy we all remember and loved. My congratulations to Des Cox for producing this wonderfull memory for people like myself.
NeilMac. (Applause)
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