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colonna's shipyard in norfolk has won a contract worth 995,000$ to repair and clean out the Savannah,a famous maritime relic and a national historic landmark,anchored for years in the james river
the work is the first step in a larger govt. plan to remove the inactive nuclear reactor,scrub all rement radiation,and prepare the ship for a new mission
no nuclear-related work will be done at colonna's,instead,crews will sample the thickness of its hull and check for leaks,install a floodlighting system,fix the onboard dehumidifying equipment,remove moldy carpets and clean the interior
after colonna's,the savannah next will head for another yard for more preparations and maintenance,then will spend two years at a nuclear-capable shipyard where the reactor core will be decommissioned
the savannah should be ready for a new home and a new purpose by 2010or 2011
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