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From the BBC -

Wrexham has remembered the World War II ship sunk in the Atlantic that the people of the town "adopted".
HMS Veteran was attacked by German U-boats after picking up 78 survivors from two other vessels which had been torpedoed.

Townspeople had raised some £360,000 - the equivalent of £10m in today's money - in national savings to adopt Veteran.

A service has been held at Wrexham Memorial Hall at which a book about the ship was launched.

Wrexham adopted Veteran in 1941, the year before the ship met her end when she was escorting a decoy convoy in the Atlantic to allow American troops to cross safely.

The convoy was attacked by U-boats, and Veteran collected survivors.

But she was torpedoed herself as she returned, and went down with 160 men, as well as the 78 survivors from the other ships.

Naval representatives, veterans and local dignitaries were among those invited to Saturday's service.

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