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norwegian cruise line's norwegian crown ran aground this morning while enroute between st. georges and hamilton, bermuda,the co.has confirmed.according to a statement by n.c.l. there were no injuries to the 1,135 passengers or 537 crew
the vessel was under the navigational guidence of the local pilot at the initial inspection found that the intergrity of the vessel had not been affected. n.c.l. will conduct a full damage assessment of the vessel this afternoon and hopes to re-float the crown between 170-1900 at high tide.
meanwhile passengers are being tendered ashore for normal activities.n.c.l. said it expects the ship to return to its philadelphia homeport on schedule this sunday,and thatit will work together with local authorities to determine the cause of the accident.
n.c.l.parent,star cruise's recently agreed to sell the norwegian crown to fred olsen,with the ship being chartered back for use by n.c.l. untill nov.2007
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