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Norwegian ship sinks trawler

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The Scottish trawler "Harvester" was sunk after a collision with the supply vessel MS "Strilmøy" in the North Sea.
The collision occurred east of the Shetland Islands at about 7 a.m. Friday morning.
The entire crew of the Scottish trawler was rescued aboard another ship before sinking. The "Harvester" was carrying six crew from the British zone in the North Sea, to Peterhead.
No one on either the "Harvester" or the MS "Strilmøy" was injured and the Norwegian ship suffered only minor damage.
"It is just a matter of minor damage to the bow," press contact Nils A. Liaaen at Simon Møkster Shipping, the MS "Strilmøy"'s operator, told The Norwegian ship is on the way to Stavanger where it will be inspected by classification society Det Norske Veritas and the shipping company.
"There will eventually be a maritime inquiry. The captain and the others on board must give evidence," Liaaen said.
The MS "Strilmøy" is owned by Simon Møkster Rederi and operated by Simon Møkster Shipping in Stavanger.
Six rescued after trawler sinks
A trawler has sunk in the North Sea after a collision with a Norwegian supply vessel south-east of Shetland.
The six crew of the Peterhead-based Harvester have been picked up by another fishing vessel, the Ocean Harvest.
There are no reports of any injuries. The crew are heading for Peterhead.
The collision with the Strilmoey occurred 72 miles south-east of Sumburgh. The supply boat is heading for Stavanager for inspection.
Note: Here both vessels and glad the crew made it!!!

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Norwegian Ship Sinks Trawler

Heard this on the World Service this morning. Excellent fast reporting and much more informative: Thanks: Ruud: Peter
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